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Wei Wang

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After he earned his Master inMaterial Sciencein 2002 form HeFei University of Technology, Wang joined the Department ofPolymer Materials and Engineering, School of Chemical and Material Engineering,Jiangnan University,, asLecturer, and worked on PhD ofApplied Chemistryin 2011 .


Wang’research focuses on polymer processing, Modification of regenerated cellulose, algae plastic. His current research projects include biomaterials based on Taihu cyanobacteria, PBT/PET alloy with High glass fiber content,amino-functionalized regenerated cellulose membrane.

Teaching and Learning:

Wang has tought the following courses:Principles of Polymer Processing,Polymer Modification,Polymer Materials Science,Polymer Physics.


1.Molecular design and self assembly of light responsive star shaped amphiphilic polymers. 2008-2010,, funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

2 .Research and development of low cost and weather resistant PVDF alloy film for solar cell protection,2014-2016,funded by Jiangsu science and Technology Department

3. Biomaterials based on Taihu cyanobacteria,funded by Wuxi City Environmental Technology Co., Ltd .

Key Publications:

1.Design and example analysis of plastic formula Wang W,Chen M Q, Liu,XY, You LP,2009,China Textile Press .

2.PP–PP-g-MAH–Org-MMT Nanocomposites. I. Intercalation Behavior and Microstructure, Xu W ,iang, GWang, W, Tang, S , He P, Pan W.

3. Preparation of Cellulose/ Epoxy Resin Composite Films Toughened with Epoxidized Soybean Oil,Ma S,

Wang W,Chen S , Liu X,2015,23,Journal of Cellulose Science and Technology.

4. Preparation and Properties of Cellulose/ Nano-Si3N4Composite Membranes,Chen S , Wang W,Ma S,Liu X,2015,23,Journal of Cellulose Science and Technology.

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