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Huiyu Bai

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Associate Professor

Office: +86 133 8288 8306

Phone: +86 133 8288 8306


After she earned her PhD in Materials Science in 2005 from Shanghai Jiao Tong Univeristy. In 2005, she joined the School of Chemical and Engineering, Jiangnan University, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2011. She took up the fellowship in 2011 to work at the School of Chemical and Engineering of Jiangnan University asAssociate Professor.


Huiyu’s research focuses on novel environmentally friendly materials for packaging, coating, and water purification. Her current research projects include: (1) Study on the functional modification and application of natural polymers, including cellulose, chitosan, hyaluronic acid, starch and soybean protein; (2) Surface modification and surface adsorption mechanism of polymer materials; (3) Polymer blending modification and molding processing research. The overall objective of her research program is to develop tailor-designed materials with prescribed properties for emerging applications and to update current technologies. While new materials have been of the main research activity, theoretical work has also been carried out to help understand experimental observations and phenomena. Huiyu is specialized in developmenting advanced materials by blending modification for packaging, coating, adsorption and separation of gas and liquid, antibacterial materials.

Teaching and Learning:

Huiyu has taught the following courses: Polymer rheology, Polymer Additives and Ingredient, Elastomers and its application,andPolymer ProcessingandEngineering.


1Preparation of water resistant polyvinyl alcohol biological fiber and study on water resistance mechanism of fiber, 2014-2016, funded by State Key Laboratory for Modification of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials, Donghua University (LK 1426).

2Research of halogen-free flame retarded polyether-based TPU, 2016-2017, funded by Wu xi Plasink Technology Co.,Ltd.

3Research and development of new adhesive materials, 2016-2017, funded by Jiangsu Purestar EP Technology Co., Ltd.

4Research and development of low cost and weather resistant PVDF alloy film for solar cell protection, 2014-2016, funded by Cooperative Innovation Fund (BY2014023-07)

Key Publications:

1.Lu Jiajun, Bai Huiyu, Wang Wei, Zhang Shengwen, Wang Jinyuan, Zhang Yong, Liu Xiaoya, Understanding of intermolecular interaction in PVDF/PTW blends: Crystallization behavior, thermal, and dynamic mechanical properties, Journal of applied polymer science, 2016, DOI: 10.1002/APP.43908.

2.Lu Jiajun, Bai Huiyu, Wang Wei, Liu Jing, Ma Piming, Dong Weifu, Liu Xiaoya,Dynamic rheology studies on the miscibility of PVDF/PTW Blends, ACTA Polymerica Sinica, 2016,(3):315-323

3.Bai Huiyu, Xu Jing, Zhang Yanxia, Liu Xiaoya, Rojas Orlando J. Dynamics of Cyclodimerization and Viscoelasticity of Photo-Crosslinkable PVA, Journal of polymer science Part B polymer physics, 2015,53, 345-355.

4.Bai Huiyu, Sun Yunlong, Xu Jing, Dong Weifu, Liu Xiaoya,Rheological and structural characterization of HA/PVA-SbQ composites film-forming solutions and resulting films as affected by UV irradiation time, Carbohydrate polymers,2015,115,422-431.

5Bai Huiyu, Li Yufei, Wang Wei, Chen Guangliang, Rojas Orlando J., Dong Weifu, Liu Xiaoya, Interpenetrated polymer networks in composites with poly(vinyl alcohol), micro- and nano-fibrillated cellulose (M/NFC) and polyHEMA to develop packaging materials, Cellulose, 2015,22, 3877-3894.

6Li Yufei, Bai Huiyu,Wang Wei, Ma Piming, Dong Weifu,Liu Xiaoya, Effect of hydrolysis time on the preparation and properties of cotton cellulose nanocrystal, Journal of cellulose science and technology, 2015,23(4),1-9.

7Li Yufei, Bai Huiyu,Wang Wei, Ma Piming, Dong Weifu,Liu Xiaoya, Progress in modification of cellulose nanocrystals and the application in functional materials, Journal of cellulose science and technology,2016,24(1),66-74.

8Bai Huiyu, Xu Jing, Liao Ping, Liu Xiaoya, Mechanical and water barrier properties of soy protein isolate film incorporated with gelatin, Journal of Plastic Film and Sheeting, 2013, 29(2) 174-188.

9Bai Huiyu, Kumar Rakesh, Yang Cheng, Liu Xiaoya, Zhang Lina, Effect of salicylic acid on the mechanical properties and water resistance of soy protein isolate films, Polymers & Polymer Composites, 2010,18(4),197-203.

10Bai Huiyu, Xu Jing, Qu Haijun, Zheng Junchao, Li Tianzong, Liu Xiaoya, Synthesis and solution behavior of photo-sensitive graft copolymers based on soy protein isolate. Soybean Science, 2011, 30(3), 475-479.

11Xu Jing, Bai Huiyu, Wang Miao, Xia Wenshui, Liu Xiaoya, Properties of hyaluronan/PVA-SbQ composite films processed by casting, Polymers & Polymer Composites, 2013, 21(1), 55-60.

12Xu Jing, Bai Huiyu, Yi Chenglin, Luo Jing, Yang Cheng, Xia Wenshui, Liu Xiaoya, Self-assembly behavior between native hyaluronan and styrylpyridinium in aqueous solution, Carbohydrate Polymers 2011,84,678-683.

13Xu Jing, Bai Huiyu, Lin Haifang, Li Huijun, Xia Wenshui, Liu Xiaoya, Preparation of Hyaluronic Acid-Nano Silver Composites by Photo Reduction, Journal of Functional Polymers 2011, 24(3), 238-242.

14Ai Ling, Bai Huiyu, Liu Shilin, Jiang Jinqiang, Wang Miao, Liu Xiaoya, Xia Wenshui,Preparation and Properties of Photo-Cross-Linked PVA-SbQ/Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel, 2010 SREE Conference on Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE 2010)

15Xu Jing, Ai Ling, Bai Huiyu, Jiang Jinqiang, Xia Wenshui, Liu Xiaoya, Research Progress of Modification of Hyaluronic Acid, Polymer Bulletin,2011,2,78-84.

16Bai Huiyu, Liu Xiaoya, Zhang Yong, Zhang Yinxi, Effect of PTW on crystallization kinetics of toughened PBT/PC blends, e-Polymers, 105, 1-15.

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