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Shengwen Zhang

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Associate Professor

Office: A 503

Phone: 13861808496


After he earned his PhD inmaterial chemistry at material science department (Advanced Coatings Research Center of Educational Ministry of China ), Fudan University.(Shanghaim,2003-2006).He worked as a research scientist at fumed Silica and SilaneBUin Evonik(Shanghai R. In 2007, he joinedSchool of chemicalandmaterial engineering, Jiangnan Universityas Assistant Professor, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2012. In 2013, heworked as a Research Scientist at Electrical and Computer Engineering of South Dokata School of Mine & Technology.


Shengwen’s research focuses on novel waterbornenanostructured polymer coating

And adhesives . His current research projects include SiO2、ZnO and Graphene-based waterborne polyurethane nanocomposites coating with increasing scratching, UV and antistatic resistance for plastic substrate(PET,PC, PP and ABS).. Shengwen is also specialized in designing advanced acrylate emulsion and waterborne polyurethane hybrid structures with silane and silicon for high performance adhesives in food, Medicinal Packaging

Teaching and Learning:

Shengwen has taught the following courses:Technology of Polymer Synthesis (undergraduate), Structure and properties of polymer( P)ostgraduate)


1. “Waterborne UV-curable polyurethane/silica nanocomposites based on hydrogen bonding interaction ”, 2010-2013, The National Natural Science Foundation of China (51003041)

2. UV-curable polyurethane acrylate based on polycarbonatediol for flexible coating.2010, New Coating Business Marketing & Development Dept,Asahikasei Chemicals Corporation(Japan).

3. A miniemulsion method to synthesize the photosensitive hydrophobic ZnO nanoparticles using the amphiphilic polyurethane and its application in transparent films.2011, The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(JUSRP11004)


4. Epxoy powder coating for steel strand.2007-2009, National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period. ( 2007BAE15B02)

5. Waterborne polyurethane dispersions for heat seal adhesives for AL foil and PVC.

Funded by Jiangsu ZhongjinMatai Medicinal Packaging Co., Ltd

6. Polyurethane high barrier(H2O, O2)coating forMedicinal Packaging.Funded by Jiangsu ZhongjinMatai Medicinal Packaging Co., Ltd

7. One component polyurethane adhesives for TPU foamed particles. Funded by Jiangsu Shunxiang New MaterialCo., Ltd

Key Publications:

1.S.W. Zhang, Hydrophobic and Transparent Waterborne UV-curable Polycarbonate and PCL-PDMS-PCL Based Polyurethane Nanocomposites Reinforced with Colloidal Silica. Journal of Coatings Technology and Research,2016, 13(6),1021-1033

2.S.W. Zhang, J.F. Chen, D. Han, Y.Q. Feng,C. Shen, C. Chang, Effect of polyether soft segments on structure and properties of waterborne UV-curable polyurethane nanocomposites. Journal of Coatings Technology and Research,2015,1

3.S.W. Zhang, Z.D. Chen, M. Guo, J Zhao, X.Y. Liu. Waterborne UV-curable polycarbonate polyurethane nanocomposites based on polydimethylsiloxane and colloidal silica with enhanced mechanical and surface properties. RSC Adv, 2014, 4, 30938

4. Zhang, S.W.; Yu, A.X.; Song, X.Q.; Liu, X.Y. Synthesis and characterization of waterborne UV-curable polyurethane nanocomposites based on the macromonomer surface modification of colloidal silica.Progress in Organic Coating,2013, 76, 1032-1069..

5. Zhang, S.W.;Ren, L.; Bai, H.Y.; Jiang, J.Q.;Yang, C.;Chen, M.Q.;Liu, X.Y. Facile synthesis of waterborne UV-curable polyurethane/silica nanocomposites and morphology,physical properties of its nanostructured?lms.Progress in Organic Coating. 2011, 70, 1-8.

6.Zhang, S.W.;Ren, L.; Bai, H.Y.; Jiang, J.Q. Film formation and mechanical properties of the alkoxysilane-functionalized poly (styrene-co-butyl acrylate) latex prepared by miniemulsion copolymerization.Progress in Organic Coating, 2009, 65, 56-61.

7. Zhang,S.W.; Zhou, S.X.; Weng, Y.M.; Wu, L.M.Synthesis of silanol functionalized latex nanoparticles through miniemulsion copolymerization of styrene and ?-Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane.Langmuir,2006,22,4674-4679.

8.Zhang,S.W.; Zhou, S.X.; Weng, Y.M.; Wu, L.M. Synthesis of SiO2 /polystyrene nanocomposite particles via miniemulsion polymerization. Langmuir, 2005,21,2124-2128

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